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Veterans Return

Robert Hall, 489th Crew Chief

Robert Hall returns to Halesworth after 70 years !

The 2nd Air Division Heritage League arrived in Norwich in late May and among the veterans and families was 489th Crew Chief Robert Hall and his family. Three Daughters, Grandson and Wife and Great Granddaughter Olivia.

Also with the group was Chris Clark, a committee member of the Heritage League who wanted to see where his late uncle Charles F Clark had served during WWII with the 44th and the 489th.

On Sunday night the group held a reception at the Maid’s Head Hotel, Norwich in order to meet up with their base contacts and local volunteers.

On Monday the group travelled to the American Cemetery at Madingley and a report on this can be found in the Memorial Day section.

Tuesday saw the group at the 2nd AD Memorial Library in the Norwich Forum and on Wednesday they travelled to a specific airfield relevant to themselves.

The group of eight first toured the Halesworth Airfield Memorial Museum and then Robert Hall laid a tribute to the fallen at the 489th Memorial. Following this, lunch was served at The Triple Plea Pub, on the edge of Halesworth Airfield. This pub was the haunt of many GI’s during the war.

The following photos give a flavour of the day when Robert Hall and Chris Clark came to Halesworth.

489th Crew Chief Robert Hall signs the wall inside the uniform cabinet. He also marks the name of his pilot C W Anderson.

489th veteran Crew Chief Robert Hall beside the uniform cabinet

489th veteran Robert Hall pays tribute to the fallen in this 70th Anniversary year

489th veteran Crew Chief Robert Hall with his family

489th Bomb Group - 70th Anniversary tribute

489th veteran Robert Hall opens his gift of Halesworth Airfield runway rock as his daughter looks on.

489th nephew Chris Clark with photo of his uncle Charles F Clark and a piece of runway rock presented to him by the Friends of the 489th at the Triple Plea Pub

2014 : 489th Memorial 28 May

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