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Veterans Return

Robert Carlton

First visit since 1944

Robert Carlton – Radio Operator (845th – Ed Wall Crew)

489th Veteran Bob Carlton - September 2008489th Veteran Bob Carlton - visits Museum in September 2008

Robert (Bob) Carlton returned to Halesworth in September 2008 after 64 years! He flew over from Boston with his wife Lois, daughter Roberta and sons, Robert and Philip. They rented a house in Southwold for the week and met up with their family from various parts of England.

Bob also met up again with Peggy Hurren and her family from Southwold. Peggy was an ambulance driver during WWII. They lost contact with each other after Bob was shot down over Germany on January 13th, 1945 (Bob’s crew had been re-assigned to the 448th BG at Seething after the 489th received orders to ‘stand-down’ in November 1944). It wasn’t until 2006 when Bob met Pam and Sid Wilby at a 489th Reunion over in Little Rock that Bob discovered Peggy was still living in the area.

489th Veteran Bob Carlton, Lois Carlton and Peggy Hurren - September 2008489th Veteran Bob Carlton, Lois Carlton and Peggy Hurren - September 2008

Bob and his family had a full week of trips planned including a visit to the 489th BG Museum where he spent a few hours looking at the exhibits. Bob was able to see Ed Wall’s flight jacket and read the information donated by Mike Dickens, about his own father Marvin Dickens, who was a gunner on the same crew (they flew in the B24 ‘Rum Dum’).

2008 - 489th Veteran Bob Carlton signs wall of Museum2008 - 489th Veteran Bob Carlton (Ed Wall's crew) signs wall of Museum

Bob signed the wall in the museum right beside the signature of Ed Wall, who Bob said was a “truly wonderful pilot”.

2008 - Bob Carlton with family at 489th Museum (Hardwick)Bob Carlton with family outside the 489th Museum - Sept 2008

In the afternoon Bob visited the Airfield Museum at Holton. Permission had been given by the management of Bernard Matthews for Sid to drive him along the airfield runway and we are grateful as always to Bernard Matthews plc for allowing this. We are also grateful to our colleagues at the airfield museum for their help with this visit.

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