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Veterans Stories

Lt Robert E Busch, Co-Pilot, 489th Bomb Group

489th Crew photo donated by the family of Bob Busch. Front L-R: Robert Busch (CP), Lee Hensley (G), Allan Heihl (G), Robert Coburn (P ), Alben Feitelson (N), Rear: Glenn Walker (B), Gordon Dunham (G), Richard Linn (RO), Sgt Smith (Crew Chief), Cpl Martin (Asst Crew Chief) as non-flying personnel. Not in picture Sgt Claude Crewe (E), and Sgt George Oldright (G).

Co-Pilot Bob Busch flew 32 missions with his crew. They flew the first combat mission of the 489th on 30 May 1944 to Oldenburg, Germany and flew with the group on D-Day.

Bob’s final mission with the 489th was on 16 August 1944.

Bob said he flew over to England in April 1944 starting from Wendover Field, Utah to Harrington, Kansas, to Morrison Field, West Palm Beach, Florida, then they took the Southern Route (Puerto Rico, British Guyana, Belem, Fortaleza, on to Dakar, Marrakech) and on to the UK.

Taken in 1943 just after Bob Busch finished flight school and got his wings. L-R: Herman Busch Sr (Bob's grandfather), Bob, Herman Busch Jr (Bob's dad), Julia Busch (Bob's sister), and Ruth Busch (Bob's mother). Photo donated by the family of Bob Busch.

Bob remained in the Air Force for 29 years as a command pilot flying B 36’s and B 52’s, retiring as Lt Colonel. Bob was 92 in November 2013. His family say he never said much about his time in England, and always downplayed the danger. His motto was that “we were all doing our jobs”.

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