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Veterans Stories

SSgt Don Jeffery, Gunner

489th Gunner, Don Jeffery flew with the Bodine crew in the B-24 ‘Special Delivery’ during 1944. 847th Squadron.

The photographs were donated by the son of the late Don Jeffery. Jay said that he wished his father had discussed his experiences in the ETO with his older brothers and himself before he passed away. He is very proud of the courage these brave young men demonstrated during that terrible period. “… Going through the photos, everyone appeared to be so joyful and making the best of the time they had there at Halesworth.”

Son Jay wanted to share some of these photos to be displayed on the website for other veterans’ families to see.

SSgt Don Jeffery, Bodine Crew, Special Delivery

SSgt Don Jeffery - Home for Christmas

SSgt Don Jeffery in flight gear

Certificate of Commendation for the Bodine crew

489th BG 'Special Delivery' in flight formation

Don's original 489th Patch - EX TENEBRIS LUX VERITATIS (from the darkness, light of truth)

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