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Veterans Return

Mickey Baskin

Return to Halesworth!

Mickey Baskin – Radio Operator (844th – Boyd Morse Crew)

489th veteran Horace ‘Mickey’ Baskin returned to Halesworth on 22nd November 2008. Mickey was on a visit to London for the week and travelled by train to Halesworth where the weather was very cold with sleety snow.

489th veteran Mickey Baskin walks with local Friends to the Memorial489th veteran Mickey Baskin walks with local Friends to the Memorial

On his arrival in Halesworth Mickey visited the Airfield Memorial site where he said a special prayer, in Hebrew, for his fallen comrades. The Remembrance Day poppies were still around the memorial as a tribute to all.

2008 Nov 22 - 489th Veteran Horace 'Mickey' Baskin (Morse crew) returns489th Veteran Horace 'Mickey' Baskin (Morse crew) - November 2008

The Holton Airfield Museum opened up especially for Mickey’s visit and he was pleased to meet with the museum’s curators who answered all his questions.

Holton (Halesworth) Airfield looking towards WesthallHolton (Halesworth) Airfield looking towards Westhall

Permission had been sought from Bernard Matthews’ farm manager and the local Friends were able to drive Mickey along the airfield runway where Mickey remembered the difficulties taking off on such a short runway and he looked for the specific hardstands where the B24s stood between missions. Mickey also pointed out the place where he thought his squadron billet was and he got it right! He said the 844th were located closest to the Combat Mess and as a result they could walk to the mess whereas other crews were transported by vehicle.

489th Veteran Mickey Baskin with Marlene Kerrison489th Veteran Mickey Baskin with Marlene Kerrison

Following the runway trip, Mickey had lunch with the Friends of the 489th and spent the afternoon looking at old photos remembering times past. Mickey has visited Halesworth a number of times since 1944 and the Friends are always very pleased to see him.

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